First we start with a high power, long excursion 10" driver. The cone is made out of a paper and carbon fiber blend for increased strength. A patented magnet structure is used to create a very uniform magnetic field, which means the voice coil is always in an optimum magnetic level resulting in low sound distortion. To further reduce distortion, aluminum and copper shorting rings are used in the motor section to lower coil inductance. Power handling of the woofer is made possible by the 6 layer copper clad aluminum wire voice coil. This subwoofer means business for your pleasure. Powering this monster driver is a 360 watt class AB amplifier.

A control panel is mounted to the front of the box allowing a user to easily change the gain or crossover point by turning the dials or using the supplied remote control. Rest assured this sub will fulfill your bass needs.


  • Rear ported vented enclosure
  • 10" Long through paper/carbon fiber
    cone woofer
  • 360 Watt Amplifier
  • Frequency response 26 - 250 Hz
  • Auto short and temperature protection
  • Remote control gain and crossover point
  • Hi and low level inputs
  • Removable Chrome Carpet Spikes
  • Signature Adsum Audio magnetic grill


Coming Soon!